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INTRODUCTION: Urinary infections or Urinary tract infections (UTI) manifest themselves through a variety of symptoms of urinary infection which can be easily co-related with the disease in most cases. However there are few instances where the diagnosis of UTIs is not always that simple and the symptoms can often mislead a physician in the direction of a wrong diagnosis. UTIs are never fatal in a normal healthy individual with intact immune responses

but in the population of elderly and children, the disease can progress to sepsis and ultimately cause the downfall of the patient. Even without causing much mortality, the disease can be a significant cause of morbidity and discomfort and can adversely affect the normal routine of the individual so we need to be aware of the symptoms of urinary infection..

Symptoms of Urinary Infection – Complicated and Uncomplicated

The infections of urinary tract are often divided into upper and lower UTIs. Moreover there is a tradition of giving the title of “complicated” and “uncomplicated” to the symptomsof  urinary  infections too. These classifications have little implications on the appearance of symptoms of urinary infections. For the ease of understanding, we will discuss the symptoms as well as the signs of UTI in general, one by one.Dysuria is the most common of all theUTI symptoms. In simple words it is the sharp pain and burning which is felt during urination. You can picture Tom Hanks in that famous Hollywood movie “The Green Mile”, trying to urinate in the urinal with a lot of distress, manifest by the alternating contractions of his facial muscles. That’s exactly what it’s like for people with symptoms of urinary infection.

Checklist of the Symptoms of Urinary Infection

Hesitancy means that you get the feeling that you need to urinate but when you try to void, nothing much comes out except for a few drops. This is one of the classic symptoms of urinary infection

Urgency is the sensation of having to micturate urgently. This, along with hesistancy is most commonly present in addition to dysuria as one of the symptoms of urinary infection.

Frequency is another one of the regular symptoms of  Urinary infection (UTI) and very often the patient has to wake up at night for a number of times in order to void. Frequency alone in the elderly may be mistaken for other problems like benign prostatic hyperplasia but fortunately this symptom alone rarely heralds a diagnosis of UTI.

Cloudy and/or foul smelling urine is a direct result of bacterial multiplication and pus present in the urinary tract and these bacteria and pus then gain entry into the urine giving it a strong odor and frothy appearance. Symptoms of urinary infection are rarely pleasant!

Fever that does not climb beyond 103°C is an important sign of UTI and is very often associated with chills and rigors. In children, fever alone, with no localized signs of infection or inflammation is believed to be secondary to UTI and merits empirical therapy with appropriate antibiotics.

Abdominal pain which is usually confined to supra pubic region occurs in a number of patients with UTI and if present alone, it can complicate matters. Most of the differentials of lower abdominal pain include conditions related to surgery and many a times patients with simple uncomplicated symptoms of urinary infections have had to go under the knife for appendectomies only to be relieved of their pain by Quinolones.

symptoms of urinary infection

Painful and tender flanks imply that the bacteri

a have travelled upwards into the kidneys. This is not a common feature of UTIs and occurs mostly in complicated urinary infections where the immunity of host is incapable of confining the infection to the lower parts of urinary tract.

Blood in urine is a pretty horrifying thing – one of the scarier symptoms of urinary infection – but it is not as bad as it looks. The reason for haematuria is inflammation of the urinary tracts secondary to bacterial presence. Microscopic haematuria is almost always present and is picked on urinalysis. Fresh drops of blood admixed with urine are also seen in renal and ureteric calculi. Urinalysis and ultrasound of kidneys plus urinary tract is a must in such cases.

Nausea and vomiting are benign symptoms of urinary infection which correspond to the severity of abdominal and flank pains

Poor feeding, hypothermia and jaundice if present as such in newborns and infants and no local or systemic cause can be found then evaluation for UTI should be carried out and antibiotic therapy initiated if urinalysis reveals presence of bacteria. If you display any of the above symptoms of urinary infection you are advised to seek qualified mediacl assistance from your doctor or a clinic specialising in the symptoms of urinary infection such as a STI/STD clinic.



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